Friday, February 02, 2007

Lucie Leads "The Pack" In May

"The Pack", an independent film starring Lucie Arnaz as Eleanor Jordan, will be released by in May. Here's an excerpt of the film's synopsis from The Pack's Official Website:

"The Pack" is inspired by real life stories and documented cases where secondhand smoke is believed to be the cause of a loved ones death. In The Pack, an ambitious District Attorney prosecutes a wife on three counts of murder after her forty-seven year old husband dies of lung cancer from breathing her secondhand smoke for thirty years. In a wrenching twist, it turns out that the District Attorney is acting at the request of the couple's twenty year old son. At first, the jury struggles with what appears to be a ridiculous case, but as one juror delves deeper into the facts, the jury finds itself drawn into an intriguing, emotional and complicated choice regarding individual responsibility.

The Long Live Lucy Blog will bring you more news on Lucie in "The Pack" as it becomes available!

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