Sunday, April 08, 2007

Lucy Ricardo's " Sopranos" Connection

Did you know that Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) of "I Love Lucy" and Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) of "The Sopranos" have something in common? Rich Heldenfels of The Akron Beacon Journal fills us in:

When thinking about those episodes -- including side plots like the completion of Christopher's horror movie -- I was reminded of an old summary of just about every episode of I Love Lucy: ``Lucy wants something.''

Lucy would take extreme, albeit comedic, steps to get what she wanted. And the following week, she was bound to want something else. And, in that vein, The Sopranos may be summed up as ``Everybody wants something, and they can't rest until they get it.''

They may want power, respect, glory, happiness. They may want someone dead. They may want to live a little longer. But not having it nags at them, and getting it makes them toss aside any moral compunctions.

Thankfully Lucy Ricardo never whacked anyone.