Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz Film Soundtracks Released on CD With Outtakes!

Lucy and Desi CD
announced in the 'Film Music and More' section of its website that Film Score Monthly has released a CD containing the soundtracks of "The Long, Long Trailer" and "Forever, Darling."

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz starred in "The Long, Long Trailer" in 1954 and "Forever, Darling" in 1956 respectively. Both films were released on DVD in 2006.

The soundtrack is "in stock and ready to ship" according to Film Score Monthly's website, but only 3,000 copies have been made. The site also states that no soundtrack albums were ever released for these films and that "Almost all of the monaural score is included (some minor cues had to be omitted due to deterioration), including outtakes."

Here's the track list:

The Long, Long Trailer

Music Composed and Conducted by Adolph Deutsch

Theme Melody: "Breezin' Along With the Breeze" by Haven Gillespie, Seymour Simons and Richard A. Whiting

1. Main Title 2:23
2. Just Thinking/Trailer Show 1:29
3. Waltz for Esther 1:01
4. Trailer Bounce/Trailer March 2:20
5. Wedding Reception/Departure/Miles and Miles 3:45
6. Office Radio 1:06
7. Big Help/Sleeping Pill/We Got Wheels/Deep Freeze 2:17
8. Breezin' Along With the Breeze/Breezing Montage (Vocals by Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball) 3:27
9. Caesar Salad/My Compliments/Martha/Marie/Heads Will Roll/Recipe/Conga (Vocals by Desi Arnaz) 4:18
10. Piccalilly/Map/Ultimatum/Hiding the Rocks 1:33
11. End Title and Cast 0:46

Total Time: 24:51

Forever Darling

Music Composed by Bronislau Kaper, Conducted by Johnny Green

Song: "Forever, Darling" Music by Bronislau Kaper, Lyrics by Sammy Cahn

*Sung by The Ames Brothers -- Ed, Vic, Gene and Joe

12. Main Title Intro/Forever, Darling*/Knot Is Tied/Two Months Later/Two Years Later/Five Years Later 6:11
13. Millie & Henry/Angel/Mirror 1:44
14. I Keep Remembering/Bridge 2:33
15. Ice Bag/Ava Gardner/Laura Evans 3:00
16. Fair 1:00
17. Elephant/Panther/Let Me Go/Halloween 4:45
18. Baby/Mountain Goat 2:47
19. Don't Worry/Ten After Seven 2:10
20. Rope/Fishing 3:20
21. Forever, Darling (Vocal by Desi Arnaz) 2:24
22. Ring 1:29
23. Zipper 2:36
24. Rowing/Abandon Ship 1:47
25. Sad/Pots 1:01
26. I Quit 1:43
27. I Dun't/Forever, Darling*/End Cast 1:58

Total Time: 41:06

Bonus Tracks

28. Forever, Darling Outtakes Suite 4:10
29. Forever, Darling (Performed by Desi Arnaz and His Orchestra) 2:43
30. The Straw Hat Song (Performed by Desi Arnaz and His Orchestra) 2:42
31. Breezin' Along With the Breeze/Breezing Montage (alternate) 3:54

Total Time: 13:37

Total Disc Time: 79:46

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Track listing and CD cover art courtesy of Film Score Monthly.