Saturday, March 03, 2007

Make Way For "Mame" On DVD!

Long Live Lucy Member, DizzyArnizzy (Josh), writes:


This news was revealed a few days ago on the Digital Bits's a transcript of their chat with Warner Brothers regarding "Mame":

[RobertSiegel] Are there any plans for MAME or Hotel and will either be stereo with such great scores?

[WARNER] Well...MAME is coming. We were waiting to do it in Stereo, and we found that it can't be achieved. So we are releasing it very soon, but it will be, as it was in theaters, in mono. We spent years trying to make it happen, and we couldn't, so at least the film will be released, and it will look and sound very good.

We don't know a definitive release date yet, BUT Warner DOES say it will be released "very soon", so my guess would be that it would be released by the end of the year (hopefully before the Christmas season!!).

There have been persistent rumors that "Mame" had been planned for a DVD release since over two years ago, and a few weeks ago, someone at the Internet Movie Database "Mame" Message Boards said he was working on the "Closed Captioning" for "Mame", but this is GREAT news to finally have Warner Brothers confirm the rumors that "Mame" WILL BE COMING TO DVD!!!!

It is unfortunate that it will only be released with a Mono audio track (as opposed to Stereo or 5.1 Digital Surround), but I'm very glad we will finally have "Mame" on DVD. Hopefully, they will include some good extras, like deleted scenes/extended song numbers, and the rumored "Mame" documentary!!