Monday, March 05, 2007

Lucy Q & A: "Stars & Stones"

I thought this was interesting. I hope you do too!

Q. How many star systems have been exposed to the television show I Love Lucy?

A. Since the first broadcast of I Love Lucy in 1951, approximately 10,000 star systems have received the signal of that broacast. (Source: Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence)

This was Scientific American's Trivia Question for March 5, 2007.

Okay, I'm sure you know this one:

DEAR STACY: I have been looking for a made-for-TV movie that starred Lucille Ball playing a homeless woman. I believe the title was "Stone Pillow." I have checked several video stores and can't find it. Can you tell if it's available anywhere? If it's not, why? -- Lara A., Canton, Ohio

DEAR LARA: The 1985 "Stone Pillow," which also starred Daphne Zuniga, was released on DVD two years ago. You can order it online via, or certainly, one of those video stores should be able to get it for you.

This question and answer piece was in the National Ledger's "Ask Stacy" March 3rd column by Stacy Jenel Smith.