Monday, March 05, 2007

I Love Lucy Movie in the Fall! - Update!

As reported earlier today, the "I Love Lucy" Movie will be released on DVD this fall! Long Live Lucy member, DizzyArnizzy (Josh), has an update on this story for us:

On "Star Notes", Tom Watson mentioned "The 'I Love Lucy' Movie" will probably be released in late September or early October...Gregg Oppenheimer and some others are currently searching through the CBS/Paramount vaults to find some bonus features for the DVD release.

"The 'I Love Lucy' Movie" had originally been planned to be released as part of the "Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour" DVD set, as a bonus feature. However, for the producers to add the "ILL Movie" to the DVD release, there would have been a two month delay for the DVD release of the LDCH set. So instead, it was decided that the "ILL Movie" would have its own DVD release.

Tom said the "Movie" release will definitely be out between now and Christmas.

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Thanks to Josh for all the news updates!