Friday, March 23, 2007

Lucy In Green

Lucy on ME-TV

What did you watch this past St. Patrick's Day? Viewers of Chicago-based ME-TV were treated (or tricked?) to a marathon of classic black-and-white TV shows shown in a green tint. LLL Member, (Josh) DizzyArnizzy, writes:

A local station airs two episodes of "We Love Lucy" (half-hour versions of the "Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour") once a week, as part of a "Saturday Night/Black and White" block of classic shows.

Well, tonight they decided to get creative for St. Patrick's Day and add a green tint to every black and white show, including LDCH's "Lucy Goes to Mexico."

Green Lucy

Screen captures courtesy of DizzyArnizzy. Click here to see more (LLL members only).