Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lucie's 'Little Ring' Story

Lucie Arnaz shares her memories of the famous "Lucy Meets The Burtons" episode of Here's Lucy:

"I'll never forget this week," Arnaz says.

"Not because of the Burtons or that ring. But because this was the week I got engaged to Phil Vandervort. He gave me this beautiful marquis-shaped ring with a tiny little emerald and little baby diamonds all around it, which was the biggest thing that had happened to me. Little did I know that the Burtons were the biggest thing to happen on that set. I ran down there to show off the ring and tell everyone I got engaged. Mom tried to introduce me to Richard and Liz, but I just had to make my announcement. Everyone on the set applauded, and Liz came over to me, grabbing my hand, she said: 'Let me see the ring.' Unfortunately, she grabbed for the ring with the hand that had HER ring. I was totally upstaged. My ring was a puddle, and hers was an Olympic-sized swimming pool. She was very gracious. She tried to make me feel as if I had the nicest ring in the world. She also told me to wash all my jewelry with toothpaste. I do it to this day."

An excerpt from "Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Tip Included Toothpaste" by Philip Potempa.