Wednesday, January 03, 2007

'Lucy Gets Into The Top 10'

Denise Van Patten, About's Guide to Doll Collecting, recently listed her picks for the top 10 Barbie Dolls of 2006. Mattel's "Lucy Gets In Pictures" Barbie Doll came in at number 5.

Van Patten wrote:

Technically, here is another non-Barbie that made my Top 10 Barbie Dolls list! But, I couldn't resist, and the Lucy dolls are often thought of as part of the Barbie doll series.

In this episode, #116 "Lucy finally gets her big break when she snares a bit part in an MGM motion picture. Cast as a showgirl who meets death while parading down a long flight of stairs in a glamorous nightclub setting, Lucy vows to make her death scene the most unforgettable one ever recorded by Hollywood cameras." Lucy in the box is placed off-kilter, as if she is falling down the stairs. The episode first aired February 21, 1955.

This year Mattel will release a special 2 doll I Love Lucy set. This unnamed set will be 12th in the series.