Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lucille Ball and Bob Hope in October's Now Playing Magazine

Lucille Ball and Bob Hope are on the back cover of the October issue of TCM's Now Playing Magazine. The photo is an advertisement for Lucille being TCM's Star of the Month in November.

Lucille Ball and Bob Hope

The caption reads:

The Facts of Life (1960) marked the second of three big-screen teamings of Lucille Ball, TCM's Star of the Month for November, with Bob Hope. Both were cast in atypical roles as an ordinary suburban husband and wife who are madly in love with each other. Problem is, each is married to someone else. The Oscar(r) nominated Norman Panama/Melvin Frank screenplay includes lots of humor as the pair sneak around for secret meetings - but also has its serious moments. The movie was shot on the I Love Lucy sound stage at Desilu. During a scene in which she was to board a boat, Ball fell and was knocked unconscious, suffering severe leg and facial bruises. Although his marriage to Ball was at its end, Desi Arnaz rushed to her side and sent a kidding telegram to Hope: "I played straight man to her nine years and never pushed her - why couldn't you control yourself?"

Tune in Wednesday, November 22 at 10:00pm (ET) to watch The Facts of Life (1960) on TCM.

A larger scan of the advertisement can be found in the "Lucy Photo Album" in the Misc. section of The Long Live Lucy Forum.