Monday, August 28, 2006

A Reminder For Canadian Lucy Fans, I Love Lucy Fridays on TV Land

In June, LLL Member, Nertz2Mertz (Chris), posted a message on the forum about Here's Lucy being broadcasted on SunTV in Canada. As Ricky Ricardo once said, "The time has come!"

Here's Lucy Fans can start watching the series Monday, September 4 on the Sun-TV network. The show will air at 1:00 PM Monday through Friday.

DizzyArnizzy(Josh) has posted listings through September 7 in the News section of our forum.

Thanks to Nertz2Mertz and DizzyArnizzy for their help with this news story.

Us non-Canadian Lucy Fans are totally jealous (of course), but we have something to look forward to also. According to Sitcoms Online, I Love Lucy will be shown from 10:00AM-12:00PM on Fridays starting October 6. Click here for the news story. Thanks to LLL Member, mickie, for the heads up!