Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Vivian Vance Turned Down Role In Andy Warhol Film reported that I Love Lucy's Vivian Vance turned down the role of 'Hazel Aiken' in Andy Warhol's 1977 film, "Bad." Carroll Baker took the role and won* a Saturn Award for Best Horror Actress from The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films. provided this information on Vance's choice:

We had already tried to get Vivian Vance to play the lead... It was a far cry from the I Love Lucy show, but we thought Vivian Vance would be perfect for the part...

Vivian Vance
thought differently. 'I'd love to do it, Andy, I really would,' she told us over dinner at La Caravelle. 'But you must understand that for all those people out there I'm still Ethel Mertz, Lucy's next-door neighbor and the nicest woman in America, and that's why I can still go into any dinner theater in the country and get paid $20,000 a week, because all my nice fans in their mink stoles want to see Ethel Mertz be nice. I hate being nice and I hate my fans and I hate their mink stoles. But I love making $20,000 a week anytime I want..."

Property from the set of "Bad" will be auctioned May 6th by Stamford Auction in Stamford, Connecticut. Read more about it.

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* states Baker won. states that she was nominated.