Friday, April 06, 2007

REMINDER: DVD Giveaway Tomorrow (Apr. 7)!

This evening Contest Sponsor, DizzyArnizzy (Josh) posted the details for tomorrow's DVD Giveaway. DizzyArnizzy wrote:

Same deal as the last give-aways...PM me with "Lucy Give-Away" or anything "Give-Away" related in the subject line, and the first TWO PEOPLE to PM me here or at the Lounge RIGHT at 5:00 (no earlier) will win FIVE RARE "Here's Lucy" episodes on DVD:

"Lucy and the Mountain Climber"
"Lucy and Mannix Are Held Hostage"
"Lucy and the Astronauts"
"Lucy Makes a Few Extra Dollars"
"Someone's on the Ski Lift with Dinah"

A "PM" is a private message. The screen names of the winners will be posted here after the giveaway has concluded. Good Luck!