Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lucy and Ethel Peep Style

Susan Sessions created an "I Love Lucy"-inspired diorama for a Marshmallow Peeps® Diorama Contest in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sessions' diorama, "I Love Peeps," was the winner in the adult division. Amy Whitesall of The Ann Arbor News wrote:

"I love Lucy and I love Peeps,'' said Sessions, a technical writer from Saline who's between jobs. "Everyone seemed to know the episode with the chocolate factory. It seems to be a universal thing.''

Sessions said she went through four boxes of Peeps, searching for marshmallow chicks with just the right eye alignment and facial expression.

"There were some that looked like the product of first cousins marrying,'' Sessions said.

She made the hats first, convinced that the headwear would make or break the diorama's success. When she put the hats on the Peeps, Sessions says, she just started laughing.

"I have to tell you, it is pretty difficult to dress up a Peep,'' Sessions said. "They have no shape. They're like a blob.''

Read more about the contest
. Unfortunately, there aren't any photos. :(

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