Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lucy-Desi Days Mystery Guest Revealed!

The Lucy-Desi Center has revealed that Vivian Vance's sister will be the very special guest for Vance's tribute during Lucy-Desi Days 2007. Here's the scoop:

Later, you can come aboard the Summerwind for a special Vivian Vance Treasure Chest Boat Cruise hosted by Vivian Vance’s sister—flying in direct from Albuquerque for the weekend! (Yes, Vivian Vance’s sister! This once-in-a lifetime opportunity makes the trip to Jamestown a “must” this year!)

A special Saturday morning tribute: “We Remember Viv!” will include live performance, a video tribute, candid conversation, and a family album slide show, too! Hosted by Tom Watson, president of the “We Love Lucy” Fan Club, this event is all about our favorite second banana!

3 of the 40 events taking place during the festival will be devoted to Vance and "Lucy Meets The President" will be shown. Festival tickets will be sold through the Lucy-Desi Center's official website (www.lucy-desi.com) later this week.

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