Monday, March 05, 2007

Lucie Loves Hawaii, Lucy Loves Ellen?

Lucie Arnaz shared her thoughts about Hawaii with The Star Bulletin:

"First of all, I love Hawaii more than anything in my life," said Arnaz from her snow-covered home in upstate New York. "I've been there many, many, many, many, many times -- our honeymoon, our anniversaries, brought our kids there many times, my parents brought me there when I was little -- Hawaii is my own special oasis on this planet."

Since Arnaz's parents were Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, the trips were a way of escaping the Hollywood pressure cooker.

"We had some of the happiest times of my life in Hawaii," she recalled, her voice going quiet. "It was before my parents were divorced and the time when they were at their happiest. No arguing, no work to take them away, and they just loved being there and with each other. My best memory of pure joy.

"As I got older, and my mom was married to somebody else and my dad was married to somebody else, still, if anyone said they were going to Hawaii, I would get tears in my eyes. The plane would land in Honolulu, and I would start to weep. ... You'd step off the plane and smell the flowers -- your scent memory is so strong -- every pore in my body remembers it."

Arnaz will be performing "The Most Romantic Songs Ever Written" with Nick and Nina Clooney and Brian Stokes Mitchell on Thursday, March 8 at Hawaii Theatre. For tickets call 591-2211.

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In bizarre news, Starpulse News Blog reported last week that Lucille Ball approved of Ellen Degeneres hosting the Oscars.

In a seance staged by psychic to the stars Kenny Kingston after the Oscars on Sunday night, a number of dead stars reached out to their late pal - and many had nothing but high praise for the way DeGeneres hosted the Academy Awards.

Kingston says, "Lucille Ball was particularly complimentary about Ellen and told me she thought Ellen should be the permanent host of the Oscars."

But it was the bombshell that was to follow that floored Kingston, who was once hired to guide Bette Davis and Marilyn Monroe spiritually.

He adds, "I wasn't expecting it, but Lucille Ball revealed that Ellen was her own mother's mother two lifetimes ago. It seems the roles were reversed in a past life. That might explain why Ellen and her mother, Betty, who often appears on her TV show, are so close."

It's nice to know you get TV in Heaven. Do you get commercials? Hmmm....