Friday, March 30, 2007

Lucie Arnaz Performing At Lucy-Desi Days

Lucie Arnaz, will be performing what's being called a “pull out all the stops” grand finale on May 27 in honor of her mother, Lucille Ball, at Lucy-Desi Days 2007.

Lucie Arnaz In Concert—A Daughter’s Tribute will be "a heart-touching evening of music and song featuring a very special video compilation," stated The Lucy-Desi Center earlier today. The center also stated that Arnaz will be bringing in musicians from Los Angeles, Texas and Florida for the grand finale.

Other very, special guests at Lucy-Desi's Days 2007:

ANN CAHN: "I Love Lucy" Film Editor

SEBASTIEN GENDRY: Founder of the American School of Laughter Yoga

LOU ANN GRAHAM: Actress and sister of Vivian Vance!

DARIN HOLLINGSWORTH: Executive Director of the Liberace Foundation & Museum

RHONDA MEDINA: Actress who celebrates the character of "Ethel Mertz"!

SAMMY OGG: "Jimmy Hudson" from "I Love Lucy" episode 14!

LINDA PELLEGRINO: Morning TV talk show host who will be interviewing several celebrities during the Friday morning live telecast!

CLEO SMITH: Lucy's "sister" and the producer of Here's Lucy

SR. ANNE BRYAN SMOLLIN: Author of "Tickle Your Soul"

DAVID STOLLERY: "Timmy Hudson" from "I Love Lucy" episode 14.

THE UNEXPECTED GUESTS: Jamestown's very own comedy improv group!

DIANE VINCENT: Actress from Universal Studios: Hollywood who celebrates the character of Lucy Ricardo!

TOM WATSON: Lucy author, historian, and president of the "We Love Lucy" Fan Club.

Click here for all the details. Guest list courtesy of The Lucy-Desi Center.