Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Day Sale at The Lucy-Desi Center

The Lucy-Desi Center writes:

Tomorrow (Wednesday, February 14) is Valentine’s Day and do we have a treat for you!

At exactly* 10:30 AM (Eastern), we will be activating special clearance prices on many, many “I Love Lucy” gift shop items!

Just visit www.lucy-desi.com and click on “Gift Shop”. You’ll find this entire collection of items on the home page. Quantities are very limited, and we’ll be doing our best to keep the website updated as soon as items sell out.

Until tomorrow, here’s a sneak peek at the special savings in store for you while quantities last:

“I Love Lucy” Denim & Leather Jackets ($94.95, Clearance: Under $50!)………A selection of assorted t-shirt designs at more than 50% off! ……….“I Love Lucy” Sweaters (Originally: $79.95, Clearance: $39.99) ………The Lucy Show VHS box set (Originally: $49.95, Clearance: $14.99) ………And videos, books, stationery, charms & bracelets, sheet music, calendars, statues, canisters, purses, and more!

Here’s your “last chance” to add these special items to your collection before they’re gone for good! (And thanks in advance for helping us make room for an entire new line of Lucy-Desi merchandise coming soon!)

*barring any internet or web hosting issues out of our control