Friday, February 23, 2007

"Lucy At The Movies" Book Being Published In The Fall

Lucy At The Movies, a new book chronicling Lucille Ball's lengthy film career, will be published this fall. The hardcover book written by Cindy De La Hoz will be 386 pages long and contain hundreds of rare production stills, including some from Ball's personal collection. Lucy at the Movies will also contain information on Lucy's earliest big screen appearances, short subject films and movies that Lucy didn't make.

Of the book, Lucie Arnaz said:

"This was an enormous undertaking. But it's clear that it was also a labor of love. I know my mother would be very impressed and flattered by your dedication to her film work and chronicling her career in general, as you have in the biography section, and would deeply appreciate all of your hard work. This encyclopedia of information on, not only the film career of Lucille Ball, but the way films were made, is an invaluable history of the motion picture industry and those who first created it." lists the book's release date as October 2007. If you would like to receive a personally autographed copy of "Lucy At The Movies,"you can pre-order the book from The Lucy-Desi Center's Gift Shop.

The Lucy-Desi Center's Gift Shop

(Lucie Arnaz quote and photo courtesy of The Lucy-Desi Center)