Sunday, December 10, 2006

Movie Critic Defends Arnaz

San Francisco Chronicle Movie Critic, Mick LaSalle, defended Desi Arnaz's talents in his December 10th column when a reader wrote in stating Arnaz was pro-Batista and the least talented cast member of "I Love Lucy."

Lasalle wrote:

First of all, even if Arnaz were pro-Batista, it would have nothing to do with whether he was any good on "I Love Lucy." Second, Arnaz was from a wealthy family that had to escape Cuba because of Batista. (Their property was confiscated and his father was put in prison for six months. They immigrated to Miami with nothing.) Third, even if Arnaz were pro-Batista, which he wasn't, it's not as if Thomas Jefferson and James Madison have been running Cuba ever since. So no, I don't agree. Arnaz is my favorite thing about the show.