Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Amin Loved Lucy, More TLDCH Pre-Order Listings

Idi Amin Loved Lucy

I was reading an article about things that dicators collect in an old issue of Psychology Today Magazine and discovered that Idi Amin, the former ruler of Uganda, collected old film reels of I Love Lucy and Tom and Jerry cartoons.

Source: "Everything in Excess", Psychology Today Magazine, Oct. 2006, page 34

More Pre-order Listings for The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour DVDs

Amazon.com - $27.99 (listed as "I Love Lucy - The Complete Seasons 7-9")
DeepDiscountDVD.com - $29.04
Barnes & Noble - $31.98
BestBuy.com - $34.99 (Thanks mickie)
The Lucy-Desi Center Gift Shop - $54.95