Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Is The Lucille Ball Little Theatre Haunted?

An employee of the Lucille Ball Theatre believes spirits linger there. Jamestown's Post-Journal states:

Helen Merill of the Lucille Ball Little Theatre believes a handful of such spirits abide in the theater building on East Second Street, once the run-down remnants of Allen’s Opera House from Jamestown’s earlier days.

‘‘I myself have been working in the library when I’d hear my name called in the lobby, and there was nobody in the building at that time except me,’’ Mrs. Merill said. ‘‘And I have had many times while directing when I can feel a hand on my shoulder, but I turn around and no one’s there.’’

Misplaced objects, sudden chills and — most commonly — white spots appearing in photographs of certain productions are all reported manifestations of the spirits who haunt the Lucille Ball Little Theater.