Monday, October 23, 2006

November Reflections Contest - Entries Due Nov. 1

Kyle writes:

In an effort to revive the use of Lucys and to have a little fun, I have decided to start another competition. This competition is a reflections competition, and will happen bimonthly. Basically, there will be a topic or prompt of some sort, and if you would like to participate, you must enter a repsonse to the topic in some artistic form. The entry can be in any medium: photography, poetry, music, etc.

This month's topic is:

My Favorite Lucy Moment

All entries are due by November 1st. All you must do is post them in this thread [Official Board Competitions->November Reflections Contest]. Please feel free to comment on others' attempts, but keep it nice! You may enter more than one thing, and, if you feel it to be necessary, you may take out one of your attempts and create a new one, or just leave it out completely.

The winner will receive 1000 Lucys. All participants will receive 200. Have fun!

Lucys are the currency of The Long Live Lucy Forum. You can use them to purchase prizes in the Ye Ol' Lucy Shoppe. Good luck!